Elixirs For Adrenal Fatigue Ebook

Elixirs For Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

Learn to craft delicious herbal beverages for each stage of adrenal fatigue | taught by Madeline MacKinnon
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Madeline MacKinnon
Madeline MacKinnon
Women's Nutrition Consultant and Founder of Natural Hormone Healing

About the instructor

I’m Madeline MacKinnon, and I believe that committed women need a truly holistic, day-to-day strategy to heal hormones. I know that whatever symptoms your grappling with, it’s totally possible to heal with the nutrition and an approach that fits your body, your lifestyle and your personality.

Adrenal Fatigue… Do you have it?

Are you feeling exhausted, wired but tired, anxious, or have sugar cravings and brain fog?

Something’s up with your adrenals and there are natural ways to get back to feeling like yourself.

Elixirs are warm herbal drinks made with adaptogenic herbs, healthy fats and superfoods naturally sweetened and synergized to taste delicious. They are deeply healing for your body and can be customized to your particular health concern. In many cases they taste like a beverage you would buy at a coffee shop, but beneficial for your health.

There are three stages of adrenal fatigue that are based on your cortisol levels. You can have high cortisol, low in the morning and high at night (wired but tired) and low cortisol throughout the day. When treating adrenal fatigue, it's important to make sure the herbs and supplements you use aren't competing with each other.

 Unfortunately, many adrenal protocols and supplement combination give you competing herbs that will set you back from achieving results.  That's why it's important to understand what phase you're in to get the best approach to use to heal. 

In Madeline's Elixir Crafting For Adrenal Fatigue Ebook you'll discover what stage of adrenal fatigue you're in and get a matching recipe for each phase. You'll also get access to a resource guide on how to access the ingredients in Canada and the US.

Recipes include:

  • Energizing Matcha Latte
  • Lemon Balm Calm
  • Morning  Vitality Detox Lemonade 
  • Ashwaganda Ayurvedic Tonic
  • Adaptogenic Adrenal Latte

Elixir protocols are a core component of Madeline’s practice. You will learn what she teaches her private clients about this delicious healing method.

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