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3 x $120.00

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Does this sound like you?

Are your hormones working for you or against you? Are you feeling drained, out of balance and not fully like yourself?

You're consuming all the information you can find on natural healing and hormone balance.. trying to find answers and it’s frustrating and overwhelming you.

You try to eat clean and work out, but sometimes you slip up. It takes a while to get back into your healthy routines, adding to the stress.

When you’re at the doctor, or even a naturopath, you feel like they aren’t really listening. You aren’t satisfied with vague recommendations and lists of pills and supplements. The guidance on what to do just isn’t there; you need more information on what’s going on in your body and what to do about it.

You aren’t alone. So many women experience these feelings and difficulty getting pregnant or problems with their menstrual cycle. If this is happening to you, you need to find out if it’s because of your hormones. A lot of women struggle with fertility because of hormone imbalance.

Here’s a list of symptoms indicating a hormone imbalances:

Although your family doctor may say there is little you can do about these symptoms, it is possible to balance your hormones and conceive in whatever state you are in. If you’re ready to take back control of your period, fertility and hormone health, you’re in the right place.

Balancing your hormones is possible and within your reach! Here are some client's success stories:

Eating For Your Cycle in a Nutshell

This is not a Generic (Or One Size Fits All) Nutrition Plan. It’s a functional nutrition program customized for menstruating women that uses the scientifically proven fact that food can be used to support and build hormones.

This program is based on the 4 phases of your cycle; Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulatory and Luteal. During these phases, our brain chemistry, libido, energy, moods and hormone levels all fluctuate. We require different nutrients to keep our hormones in balance and fertility optimized.

Learn the lifestyle of a sexy, fertile woman. We teach you how to align your lifestyle with your menstrual cycle to reduce stress, boost your hormones and enjoy juicy self-care rituals. You will feel totally in the flow of your female hormones when they work for you instead of against you!

You can use this method to:

  • Boost ovulation, reduce miscarriage, and improve your chances of conception
  • Get your body in optimal hormone health to prepare for conception
  • Decrease painful cramping and the pain associated with endometriosis
  • Regulate your cycle after coming off the pill or removing an IUD
  • Support your body and increase chances of conception when going through IVF and other fertility treatments
  • Reverse and prevent cysts, uterine fibroids, polyps, decrease endometriosis, and heavy flow
  • Reduce the symptoms associated with PCOS (acne, amenorrhea, weight gain, excess facial and body hair)
  • Develop deeper body literacy and feel in control of your fertility and hormone health
  • Expect your period without the ‘baggage’; reduce PMS symptoms so that your period ‘just shows up’!
  • Increase energy, get glowing, radiant skin and mental clarity

Features and Benefits

Here are the basics of what you’ll learn in this course:

1. How to read the signs of your body to easily and intuitively predict ovulation and tell what phase you are in. Eating for your cycle is easy! You will be able to time your pregnancy; if you want a June baby, it’s possible!

2. Learn what foods to eat to support your hormone balance in each phase of your cycle. We give you a practical, yet comprehensive plan that’s laid out for you. Get easy-to-prepare, delicious, whole-food recipes, high quality video tutorials with Madeline, and a custom meal plan and grocery list for each phase. The information in this course is functional and supported by science. Your internet search for answers stops here.

3. Customize your nutrition and self-care rituals even further for your specific hormone imbalances that are preventing you from getting pregnant, such as thyroid issues, endometriosis, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, and low progesterone. We give you step-by-step protocols that you can implement; helping you deepen the understanding of your body to get to the root of your symptoms.

4. You don’t have to do this alone! The course includes a 3-month membership to our private Eating For Your Cycle Facebook Community where you can ask questions, connect with women working towards similar goals and feel totally supported in achieving your desired results. We make it fun! You will learn how to care for yourself so deeply, friends’ baby posts on social media won’t affect you as much. “You do you”, and trust your personal life timing. When you feel like you have your sisters on your side, it’s so much easier to make changes to your diet and your life.

Registration is closed and will be open again in the fall of 2017. Please email support@naturalhormonehealing.com to get on the wait list.

Program Breakdown

Upon registering, you will receive an email with our welcome package to get you started. It includes info on how to start tracking your cycle, Madeline’s Fertility Smoothie Mini-Book, and a self-care guide on how to nurture your body each phase of your cycle.

Each Friday a module will be delivered so you have the weekend to review and schedule your upcoming week, integrating the concepts you've learned!

Module 1- The Menstrual Phase

Learn how to optimally support your body during your period. An optimal period equals optimal fertility! Gain an understanding of foods that expel old blood, prevent ‘uterine stagnation’ and prime your womb to host your baby. You will learn how to revitalize the body with blood building soups, hearty, warming stews and home-made healing teas. Learn the best foods to eat to prevent painful cramping, heavy flow and clotting. Plan your own personal ‘moon lodge’ retreat in the comfort of your home to restore your energy and prepare you for the coming month.

Recipe examples include Plantain Pancakes with Raspberry Chia Sauce, Healing Miso Soup, Warming Beet Salad, Hot Chocolate Moon Elixir

Module 2- The Follicular Phase

Learn how to eat to nurture the developing follicles and rebuild the blood lost during the menstrual phase. You will learn how to increase circulation and healing in your ovaries to improve egg quality and follicle production. This phase is all about eye-catching, antioxidant-rich smoothie bowls, fresh, vibrant salads and increasing consumption of fertility foods. These meals reduce inflammation, which is important for healing endometriosis and PCOS. Lastly, you will have a complete understanding of the best (and worst!) fats for hormone balance and fertility.

Recipe examples include Antioxidant Acai Bowl, Mung Bean Pomegranate Salad, and Avocado Salmon Boats

Module 3- The Ovulatory Phase

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Learn what ovulatory superfoods to eat to increase your chances of conception. These recipes will detox excess estrogen to reduce PMS, low progesterone, and heavy periods later in the month. Learn how to increase your sex drive, not only in this phase but throughout your entire cycle to enhance your romantic relationship. Madeline has included her all-natural, sperm-friendly lube recipe for you to try!

Recipe examples include Estrogen Detox Rainbow Slaw, Floral Infused Aphrodisiac Pollen and Fruit Salad, and the Asian Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Module 4- The Luteal Phase

Learn Ayurvedic self care practices and spa rituals to optimize your progesterone levels. It’s important for conception to use food to keep progesterone levels high; tiding you over until your placenta takes over hormone production. We focus on blood sugar balancing through meals like roasted root veggies, golden frittatas and dairy-free yet creamy salad dressings. These recipes support fertility and prevent PMS symptoms such as bloating, water retention, anxiety and hormonal headaches.

Recipe examples include Steamed Greens with Tahini Dressing, Spiced Roasted Root Vegetables, and Kale Caesar Salad with Chickpea Croutons.

Features & Bonus Material

  • 3 Month Membership to Madeline’s Private Eating For Your Cycle Support Group
  • Food Chart for Each Phase of Your Cycle.
  • Selfcare Guide for Each Phase of Your Cycle
  • Holistic Menstrual Care Guide
  • Organic and Natural Skincare Guide
  • How to Avoid Endocrine Disruptions
  • Fertility Smoothies for Each Phase of Your Cycle
  • Guide to Healthy Fats
  • Blood Sugar Balance Info
  • Essential Oils For Hormone Balance Video Training
  • Eating For Your Cycle Pantry Stocking Guide

What women are saying

Who Is Eating For Your Cycle For?

You are trying to conceive for the first time

You want to get your body into optimal, radiant health

You want to feel nutritionally supported to go through pregnancy and postpartum

You’ve just gone off the pill and you want to balance your hormones and your cycle

You’re determined to conceived in spite of being diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, polyps, fibroids or cysts

You’ve miscarried and want to feel supported in your next pregnancy

Your ideal scenario is to conceive naturally

You believe that food, nutrition and holistic protocols are key to balancing your hormones

You love to make delicious recipes for your loved ones that benefit everyone’s health

Who Is Eating For Your Cycle NOT For?

You don’t like being in the kitchen

You aren’t open to trying new recipes

You aren’t interested in holistic approaches to heal your body

You are following a vegan diet

You travel a lot and you spend more than half of your time away from home

You are going through menopause already

Got Questions? Click here for our FAQ Page

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try out Eating for your Cycle risk-free; if you don’t see actual changes in your hormones, I want to give you 100% of your money back.

I invite you to try out the recipes, self care tips, and use my videos to learn all about the science behind the program. I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with the results, so I’m happy to offer this guarantee.

I have built this course from years of research on women’s hormones and working with clients and their unique fertility concerns. My information is tried, tested and true.

Though this course is about normalizing your cycle or successfully conceiving, it’s more than just these things. It’s about learning how to tune in to your body and becoming the master of your own health, which dramatically affects every area of your life. If I can help you reduce your cramps, or give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby, or even have fun on Friday date night because your moods are even… I consider it a success.

So here’s my offer:

If you don’t see results on your hormone tests after 90 days of Eating For Your Cycle, cancel to get 100% of your money refunded, no penalty. And I’ll let you keep the downloadable PDF’s you’ve received as my gift to you for joining Eating For Your Cycle.

You must show proof of your before and after hormone tests and following the protocols and watching the course materials. Click here for our full refund policy.

We know how important conception is for you. We know that you want to conceive right away. We actually recommend you give your body a year to conceive, however depending on where your hormones or your life is at right now you can try to conceive during the program.

Registration is closed and will be open again in the fall of 2017. Please email support@naturalhormonehealing.com to get on the wait list.

We release the menstrual phase content on Friday, June 2nd. However, upon registration you will get access to the introductory module right away that includes:

*Guide to Hormone Testing

*Guide to Tracking Your Cycle

*Fertility Smoothie Mini Book (for each phase of your cycle)

*Creating Your Spa Rituals (for each phase of your cycle)

*Eating For Your Cycle 'Cheat Sheet'

You deserve to have balanced hormones!

Registration is closed and will be open again in the fall of 2017. Please email support@naturalhormonehealing.com to get on the wait list.

Madeline MacKinnon

Madeline MacKinnon

Women's Nutrition Consultant and Founder of Natural Hormone Healing

Madeline MacKinnon is the creator of Eating For Your cycle. Her personal mission is to equip women with the tools throughout all stages of life to balance their hormones naturally. It has been her great privilege to guiding women through preconception, perimenopause, menopause, PMS, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, endometriosis and many other hormone related health issues. Results are achieved using her nutrition, lifestyle and herbal protocols. In addition to working with her private clients, she has been teaching classes on elixir crafting, holistic nutrition and women's health in Canada for the last 6 years.

Contact Madeline by emailing support@naturalhormonehealing.com

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